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Prices Shown are Per Yard Unless Otherwise Noted

Sources: Our wide selection of new, resourced, recycled, and vintage fabrics have been inspected, laundered (unless otherwise noted), and prepared with care. We rescue fabric from estate and yard sales, antique shops, collectors, jobbers, manufacturing remainders, dead stock, and sewing-related business liquidation or de-stash sales.

Preparation and Processing: Our goal is instant maker gratification, so our laundering process is necessary to remove dust, test for potential dye discharge, prevent shrinkage and prepare fabric for immediate use on delivery. We generally use a hot water vinegar wash and fragrance-free static guard products that prevent skin reactions. Fabric that would normally be dry cleaned is sold as-is.

Minor imperfections are possible with all alternatively sourced pre-owned unused fabrics and may include; slight off-grain printing in non-geometric or very small all-over designs, yellowed selvages, or slightly faded colors. All other imperfections are explicitly noted in the item descriptions.

Note for Quilters: If you purchase our fabric for quilting purposes (please carefully select a stable, lightweight, 100% cotton fabric from our inventory), you may want to lightly starch the fabric before cutting. Here's a great Youtube explanation and demo of quilt fabric preparation by Leah Day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkHLWTQSy1M 

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