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Original Sewn and Crocheted Designs by Ellen Dayan

Custom handmade, eco-friendly, and one-of-a-kind wearable art and home goods.

Corsage Coats

Original Design Custom Dressmaking


Stunning creations made by an extremely talented artist! She truly cares about everyone she encounters. "Personalized attention" is not a cliche with Ellen Dayan

Carrie Boots Havranek

I got to be a model for a recent show of Ellen’s and wore this AMAZING dress. I’m honestly not even sure how she made it—it’s so unique and intriguing. This woman can make angles on clothing that would make a geometry teacher’s head spin—lol! Love love love.

Renee Swanson Suhr

I just had the most awesome experience with Ellen at Tiger Lily Dress Shop! Ellen has such vision and talent! She worked with me to design the most amazing one-of-a-kind dress. Her creativity is inspiring. I think every woman deserves to have a piece of Ellen’s work! I can’t wait to start my next adventure!

Lynn Kaye

The clothing is unique and fun. As my son's godmother stated when she saw Ellen's designs out the runway, "Those are real clothes for women with personality."

Regina Jones

Tiger Lily has a friendly inviting atmosphere. They took the time to hear me and made sure I was happy with my clothes. They also have great communication. If you haven’t been to the shop stop in and ask questions.

Monique Anderson

Tiger Lily has really interesting and fun things to wear. They are so well made and stylish! When you are looking for something out of the ordinary that will make you feel like a million bucks while still being comfortable so you can have fun, this is the place to shop. The articles are fun to read and full of good karma! You can tell someone cares about you when you shop here. Enjoy!!

Jean N. Buda

Ellen is a natural when it comes to creating fashion that IS the individual...classy and crafted just for me...fashionable yet comfortable. Pure magic ✨
Thanks Ellen!

Nancy Ferraro

Ellen is fabulous! Had a custom made design and it turned out perfect. I appreciated her flexibility, professionalism and speedy work. Also love that she has a plus size line. Yay for body inclusion!

Thanks Ellen for the beautiful creation!

Jazmine Reyes

The first thing I love-is the owner. Ellen is such a kind soul-with a very welcoming spirit. I absolutely love the combination of shapes and fabrics that make up her clothes. Also-I've tried on many of her items, and they are VERY comfortable, soft, fit beautifully. I can't say enough. Go get yourself dressed by Ellen!

Kristin Bieri
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