Processing Fabric During COVID-19

We collect fabric from a very wide variety of sources--from seamstress & tailor retirement sales to auctions of unique vintage textiles from private collectors, and everything in between. We always look for ways to recycle, resource, and make old things new again. As part of our standard fabric sewing preparation process, we machine wash & dry all of our textiles using fragrance and dye-free mild detergents in hot water normal cycles unless otherwise noted.

Because we collect textiles from some pretty unique sources, we store our new textiles in a safe place for at least 3 days to ensure that the risk of virus transmission stays as low as possible. We wear masks and handle our fabrics with gloves after they've been laundered. We care about your well-being and safety.


Returns, Refunds & Exchanges During COVID-19

We're a mighty small business and we're doing our best to provide safe and fun sewing products during the pandemic. We'll replace broken or damaged products in our kits when you contact us immediately (up until 10 business days from receipt).

We do not offer cash refunds for returns, but will issue store credit if you send us clear snapshots of your damaged items. All irregularities that we're aware of in our fabrics are noted in the item descriptions, and store credit will not be granted for an issue clearly stated in our sales descriptions.