Tiger Lily Eco-Couture Custom Embellishment Notes

Recently, I had the pleasure of embellishing a coat for an animation artist's sweetheart. We created the embellishment design together, and it was so much fun!

I'm sharing our story in case you might like to try it, yourself. This is a fantastic way to have a truly one-of-a-kind and personalized wearable art piece without spending nearly as much as you might think! 



Step #1

Jacob ordered a new coat online in the right size for his girlfriend, Kyah, and had it sent directly to me. (It's also possible to start with a great-fitting coat already in your closet or a treasure found at a consignment shop for an inexpensive project.)

This is the original yellow traditional semi-fitted wool coat Jacob sent me.


Step #2


After looking at some other coats I've made as well as examples of quilting, kantha, and motif embroidery I sent, Jacob decided on a general overall look. He liked the idea of having wild vines growing over a textured surface. 

We both agreed that my vine & leaf crochet appliques in blue would be a cool high-contrast choice.

I showed him some possible arrangements by pinning the motifs to the coat.





  Jacob selected a layout for the appliques.

  Next, I sent images of buttons for Jacob to choose from...



 Step #4

I sent snapshot updates to Jacob as I worked so he could see how things were progressing.

The three embroidered lines on one sleeve match a tattoo on Kyah's arm in the same place! 
Together, we created a coat that is unmistakably Kyah's.
The cost of this embellishment project was $250.00.
If you'd like to order a custom embellished coat, send me a private request for information in the comment section below.
I'd love to make something magical for you!

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