Tiger Lily Eco-Couture's Corsage Coats for Fall/Winter 2020

We're really excited about our new Corsage Coats for Fall/Winter 2020. So excited, in fact, that we can't wait to show you how fabulous they are as finished one-of-a-kind treasures...so we're sharing the whole design and construction process with you!



Corsage Coat Design Concept Illustration by E. Dayan, 2020
Last year, I took a trip to a very nearby town (how lucky am I??!!) to visit Terri Stramba at Stramba Farm & Fiber Mill. Terri has alpaca animals that she raises and shears, and then processes that wool into the most gorgeous small batch dyed, uniquely textured wool yarn I've seen in loooong time. That was exciting, but when I saw her felting machines...I just about fainted. I've been looking for this equipment all my life, it seems! I had no idea these even existed!


Wool Yarn from Stramba Farm & Fiber Mill





hand crocheted flower by E. Dayan, 2020

Terri Stramba sent me a lovely sampling of her jewel tone, earthy, and Autumn-winter color yarns and I've been hand crocheting blooms, leaves and stems for several weeks now. These are not floral crochet motif patterns from any particular source...I'm just letting my fingers take the yarn where it wants to go for now. I'll see which motif types work best in the next step.

Hand Crocheted Floral Arrangement by E. Dayan, 2020Hand Crocheted Floral Arrangement by E. Dayan, 2020

Hand Crocheted Floral Arrangement by E. Dayan, 2020   Blocking Hand Crocheted Floral Motifs by E. Dayan, 2020




After I finish the needle work, I spread the motifs out and stretch them with pins to block them. I spray them down with water and when they dry, they hold the stretched shape perfectly! As soon as I'm finished blocking and arranging the experimental motifs for testing, they will be sent back to Stamba's to see how they felt into my Melton wool coating fabric. I'm almost ready!


Stay tuned! I'll post images of the arrangements before, during, and after they go through the needle felting machines at Stramba's Farm & Fiber Mill. I can't wait to see what happens next!


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