My Love Affair With Wool

Textile scientists have been trying to manufacture fabric that acts and looks like wool for a very long time, but the real thing is still Number One in my book! It's versatile, easy to care for, comfortable, and eco-friendly. I also love it for its ease of sewing!

Did you know that wool:

  • Absorbs and releases moisture so well that it actually keeps a wearer warm in the winter and cools her down in summer! Check out all the amazing new wool jersey athletic wear that everyone loves so much!
  • Doesn't hold dirt or wrinkles like cotton, silk, or linen.
  • Can be refreshed simply by hanging outside--doesn't need much actual laundering or cleaning.
  • Is naturally fire retardant.
  • Is more durable than many other natural fiber fabrics.
  • Can easily be transformed using "acid" dyes (the "acid" is just ordinary white vinegar)
  • Can be felted or boiled and then becomes a fabric that doesn't unravel--no special hemming necessary on outwear, and applique is easy-peasy--no edges to tuck under!
  • Is easily biodegraded and poses no threat to the environment (unless it's been dyed with harmful chemicals)
  • Is very lightweight, soft, and can stretch quite a bit and return to its original shape and size.
Here are some cool projects of mine using boiled, felted, and woven wool in clothing, accessories, home decorating, and art.
 Wool jersey top with wool crochet lace trim Close up of 3D crochet applique floral motif
Wool jersey Intergalactic Dusters over full length vertically striped skirt Crochet Floral Arrangement
Wool with appliques passing through a needle felting machine 3D Crochet appliques on wool coat
Wool coat with crochet appliques Mohair pillow cover with wool crochet applique and trim
Mushrooms crocheted with wool yarn, stuffed with catnip! Embroidered top with crocheted sleeve and hemline trim
Crochet applique motifs being blocked Wool coat with crochet appliques

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